In the robot circuit board maintenance work, sometimes will encounter the fault cause of the situation, for this kind of fault maintenance industry called the difficult disease, how to deal with this maintenance personnel? Robot circuit board maintenance here to friends to introduce some solutions and skills, I hope to inspire friends of the maintenance ideas, smooth troubleshooting maintenance. When the robot circuit board maintenance personnel are unable to find the cause of the fault of the robot circuit board, the following aspects should be considered:


Are the electronic components in the robot circuit board normal? Usually no matter what type of circuit board fault robots, are basically KUKA robot circuit performance individual electronic components damaged or in bad situation, as long as the supply is not man-made wrong robot circuit of power supply voltage grade (24 v misconnection misconnection into 220 v or 220 v to 380 v) or to connect the power supply is negative, the electronic components are generally not too much damage. As for how to find out the damaged electronic components in a fault robot circuit board smoothly, it has a great relationship with the robot circuit board maintenance personnel's mastery of electronic components and maintenance methods. If maintenance personnel do not grasp the quality inspection means of electronic components, robot maintenance when the inspection of a damaged electronic components do not know that the component has been damaged, it is difficult to find the damaged electronic components, can not find the damaged electronic components is difficult to find the cause of failure; If maintenance personnel to repair solution is not firm, the maintenance method is not appropriate, kuka will appear check to go to all the problems, not so, no matter under what circumstances, no matter what inspection method you use, confirm the circuit board of the robot of all components are in good condition, is to find fault robot circuit board fault reason is important one annulus.


Normal circuit code in robot circuit board? If all electronic components in the robot circuit board have been confirmed to be normal ABB through certain methods and means, then check whether the connection circuit in the robot circuit board is normal. For example, the printed wire in the robot circuit board corrodes, breaks or breaks due to moisture or other reasons. This kind of failure is sometimes so subtle that it can only be seen clearly with the aid of an electron microscope. Have you checked it carefully?


Are the software or parameters set correctly in the robot circuit board? Normally contains program chip out failure probability is very small, the inside of the manipulator software if no one is to change it a problem is also very low risk of value, but if after inspection robot have been identified and electronic components in the circuit board and printed circuit under the condition of normal, check software and its setting if there is a problem, if the software and set good, the robot circuit board installed on the device must be able to use.


As for how to check the robot circuit board software and Settings are normal, through the robot circuit board maintenance attempts, you will be able to solve your problems.