KUKA robot DSQC 504 is used for information control, which is also known as data processing, including data collection, storage, retrieval, transformation, transmission and data table processing.

With the development of technology, the robot circuit board maintenance PLC can not only be used for the work control of the system, but also for the information control of the system.


There are two kinds of PLC used for information control: special purpose and combination.

Special purpose: PLC is only used for data collection, processing, storage and transmission.

Dual use: in the implementation of PLC control, also can implement information control.


PLC used for information control, or information control, is not only an important aspect of PLC application, but also the basis of information.

KUKA robot DSQC 504 is based on the characteristics of PLC, PLC has been widely used. Currently, it is mainly:

Used for remote control remote control refers to the robot circuit board maintenance on the remote part of the system behavior and effect of the implementation of detection and control. PLC has a variety of communication interfaces, strong networking, communication capabilities, and continue to have new networking modules and structure. Therefore, PLC remote control is very convenient.

PLC and PLC can form control network. Communicate, exchange data, manipulate each other. The PLCS involved in communication can be up to dozens or hundreds. Network to network can also be connected. In this way, the robot circuit board maintenance communication PLC is more, so unrestricted.

PLC and intelligent sensors, intelligent implementation devices (such as frequency converters), also can be linked into equipment network. They can also communicate, exchange data, and manipulate each other. Can be connected into a remote control system, the system range can be large to dozens, hundreds of kilometers or larger. This remote control not only improves the control capability, but also simplifies the hardware wiring and maintenance.

PLC and programmable terminal can also network and communicate. PLC data can be displayed on it or written to PLC through it, making it an interface for people to manipulate PLC.

PLC can communicate with computer and add information network. KUKA robot DSQC 504 robot circuit board maintenance can realize SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data acquisition) of Control system by means of powerful information processing and display function of computer

Acquisition). At the same time, can also be used for PLC programming, monitoring and governance.

The PLC also has Ethernet module, which can be used to add the PLC to the Internet. Also can set up their own robot circuit board maintenance wangzhi with webpage. One such plc-controlled plant is called a Transparent Factory. Any computer with Internet access on earth can be accessed directly as long as the permission permits.

Remote control is powerful. It can improve the PLC control ability, expand the control area robot circuit board maintenance and improve the control efficiency. In short, remote control of KUKA robot DSQC 504 has also been an important aspect of PLC application.