Advantages of welding robot:

A, robot welding can improve production efficiency. OTC welding robot response time is short, quick, welding speed in 60 ~ 120 cm/min, the speed is much higher than the manual welding (40 ~ 60 cm/min), a robot in the process of operation not pause to rest, but workers at work is not possible without pause to rest, at the same time, the work efficiency of workers affected by the factors such as mood, workers will leave, stunned, chat, work overtime to overtime, and robot is not the problem, as long as the guarantee condition such as external utility, can continue to work, OTC robot stable performance, It can be trouble-free for 10 years. This virtually improves the productivity of the enterprise.

In the welding process of OTC welding robot, as long as the welding parameters and motion trajectory are given, the robot will repeat this action, and the welding parameters, such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and welding dry extension length, etc. play a decisive role in the welding result. When using robot welding, the welding parameters of each welding seam are constant, and the quality of welding seam is less affected by human factors, which reduces the requirements for workers' operation technology, so the welding quality is stable. When manual welding, welding speed, dry elongation and other changes, so it is difficult to achieve quality uniformity. So as to ensure the quality of our products.

3. Robot welding can reduce the cost of enterprises.OTC robot can reduce the cost of enterprises mainly in large-scale production, where one robot can replace 2 to 4 industrial workers, which varies according to the specific situation of enterprises. Robot does not have fatigue, can 24 hours a day continuous production, in addition, with the application of high-speed and efficient welding technology, the use of robot welding, cost reduction is more obvious.

Iv. Robot welding is easy to arrange the production plan. Due to the high repeatability of the robot, it will always follow the instructions as long as the given parameters, so the product cycle of robot welding is clear, and it is easy to control the product output. The production rhythm of the robot is fixed, so the production schedule is very clear. Accurate production planning can make the enterprise's production efficiency and comprehensive utilization of resources achieve zui

V. robot welding can shorten the cycle of product model change and corresponding equipment investment zi. Robot welding can shorten the cycle of product model change and corresponding equipment investment zi. It can realize welding automation of small batch products. The big difference between the robot and zui is that it can modify the program to adapt to the production of different parts.