Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Dragon Boat Festival, enjoy the palm

Now will 2019 Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement notice as follows:

There will be a three-day holiday from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9

It starts on Monday, June 10th

May 5th is Dragon Boat Festival


The door is filled with incense


This year's Dragon Boat Festival and college entrance examination "meet"

Come on! Different tracks, guangke and you work together!

Guangke wishes all the students a smooth college entrance examination! Gold list!

It was the time when the boys were reading.

Black do not know how to study early, the white head regret reading late.

-- poems to persuade scholars


Since ancient times, learning has been long and hard, the so-called learning, the pursuit of not only knowledge, but also in pursuit of a better self. It is because of this spirit that we believe that "those who put in their efforts, the sky will pay off", every effort is worth the best return, we also believe that guangke intelligent technology.


After decades, since the development of industrial robot industry, guangke intelligent technology has been focusing on industrial robot service. We always believe that good service is the best feedback to customers. Robot maintenance, robot maintenance, factory automation and robot product sales, we are always meticulous about details.


Professional elite engineer team is our core competitiveness. Through the professional understanding of industrial robots, we can meet the needs of customers' service. Nowadays, the rapid development of science and technology cannot keep up with the pace of market demand and will be eliminated by the market sooner or later. Guangke intelligent technology many maintenance cases, in the industry fruitful, professional, trustworthy.

The development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of customers. In the era when user experience is the king, customer service is the cornerstone of an enterprise. Guangke set up a special service team, sales -- business department, technology -- engineering department, maintenance -- maintenance department. Make a good solution for users, so that every need of users can be fully solved. Customer's trust, is to our best support and affirmation.


Changke automation will never forget its original intention, forge ahead, make good products and serve customers with professional technology.

At the same time also said to the college entrance examination students, college entrance examination refueling! Never lose youth! The college entrance examination is not the end, but the starting point of the future.

On the road of life, we seek better ourselves together.