Many robot maintenance companies in the maintenance, often only achieve qualitative maintenance, and not completely in accordance with the maintenance of the project content and requirements to conduct quantitative maintenance. If you ask him why he's doing this, fanuc's robot maintenance company won't be able to answer, which will lead to a decrease in robot usage. So what exactly does fanuc do to maintain its robots?

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FANUC FANUC robot maintenance basic content:

FANUC FANUC robot manipulator robot shaft

FANUC ii robot gear box

FANUC robot cable status: signal cable, power cable, user cable, bottom cable, vertical arm cable

FANUC robot fixed state

FANUC robot battery: the replacement of the robot body battery must use the special battery for the robot.

Check the zero position of the robot and correct it

7. Check each axis of the robot to add lubricating oil

Check the limit blocks of each axis of the robot


Fanuc robot maintenance zero point correction:

To verify that the zero point calibration method has been properly completed, check that the current position display is consistent with the actual position of the FANUC robot as shown below.

(1) make the specific points in the program reproduce, and confirm that they are consistent with the positions already taught.

(2) make the FANUC robot move to the position of 0° on all axes, visually confirming whether the zero position mark shown in section 8.3 of the operation manual is consistent.

(3) the FANUC robot is moved to the method of calibration of the zero position and ACTS in the same way with the method of calibration of the zero position by the use of a fixture, confirming that the display of the current position is consistent with the method of calibration of the zero position. If the position is deviated during such a confirmation operation, it may be assumed that the count of the pulse encoder is invalid due to the alarm described in item 2, or that the system variable $DMR_GRP. Please compare the values in the attached data sheet at the time of shipment. In addition, this system variable will be overwritten due to the method to perform the zero position calibration. Therefore, in the case of the method to calibrate the zero position, the value of this system variable should be recorded in the data table.


Fanuc robot standard maintenance

1. Maintenance spare parts

1. Grease.

2. Maintenance spare parts package, battery, cooling fan.


Second, the robot body standard maintenance routine inspection

1. Body cleaning: dust and clean the robot body according to the field work.

2. Body and 6 axis tool end fixing inspection: check whether the body and tool are fixed well.

3. Check the limit block of each shaft.

4. Cable condition check: check the usage and wear condition of robot signal cable, power cable, user cable and body cable.

5. Check the sealing state to check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage in the gear box and wrist.


Function measurement

1. Motor temperature inspection: confirm whether the temperature of the motor is normal when running through a professional infrared temperature gun, and compare whether the shaft motor is correct with the standard value by numerical value.

2. Noise inspection: use noise detector to check whether there is any abnormality in the motor or reducer under the manual operation state, so as to take it as a standard to check the state of components.

3. Repeat accuracy check: confirm whether the repeat accuracy of the robot is normal by using a percentage meter.

4. Mechanical zero measurement: check whether the current zero position of the robot is consistent with the standard calibration position.

5. Motor brake state inspection: test the motor brake voltage value when the motor is turned on, and test the motor brake function of each shaft.

6. Axis velocity and torque waveform test.

7. Iron powder concentration detection of reducer.


Fanuc robot maintenance control cabinet standard maintenance routine inspection

1. Control cabinet cleaning: clean the appearance of the robot control cabinet and dust the inside of the control cabinet.

2. Check the fastness of all parts in the control cabinet: check the fastening state of all parts in the control cabinet.

3. Teaching apparatus cleaning: teaching apparatus and cable cleaning and finishing.

4. Circuit board indicator status: check the status lights of each circuit board in the control cabinet to confirm the status of the circuit board.

5. Control cabinet internal cable inspection: all cable plugs in the control cabinet are connected firmly and the cables are clean and tidy.