Common faults of KUKA robot teaching device maintenance:

1. Software failure of kuka demonstrator system

2. The kuka teaching box fails to enter the system

3. The kuka programming device cannot be started

4, kuka display device circuit board short circuit

5. Emergency stop button of kuka teaching device fails or does not work (replace emergency stop button)

6. Poor touch or partial failure of kuka robot teaching device? (replace touch panel)

7. The LCD panel of kuka control panel is broken

8. No display on the KUKA display LCD? (repair or replace internal motherboard or LCD)

9, KUKA? Mechanical programmer 6D mouse/joystick XYZ shaft defective or not working (replace joystick)

10. Kuka teacher-display LCD: kuka robot teacher-display has poor display, vertical line, vertical band, flower screen, broken, etc. (replace LCD)

11. KUKA teaching box keys are bad or ineffective (replace the key panel)

12. KUKA teaching box shows no backlight (replace high-pressure plate)

13. The data cable of the kuka programming device cannot communicate or be powered on, and there are broken wires inside


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Changke automation control equipment maintenance service commitment:

Step 1: ask the user about device failure

Step 2: according to the user's fault description, identify the damaged devices and analyze the feasibility of repair and recovery

Step 3: open the repaired equipment, identify the damaged devices, and analyze the feasibility of repair and recovery

Step 4: according to the working position of the damaged device, read and analyze the working principle of the circuit to find out the reason of the damaged device

Step 5: contact with the customer, report the maintenance price, and ask for the user's opinion

Step 6: find the relevant device for replacement.


After repairing the fault, our company will guarantee it for three months. If there is any problem during the warranty period, our company will bear the cost (except man-made fault).

The company high maintenance efficiency, short cycle, reliable quality, reasonable charges, warranty three months

We will use exquisite technology, high quality service for your equipment upgrading, for your production escort, welcome to discuss special maintenance business.