When the robot equipment leaves the factory, the specific contents and requirements of daily and regular maintenance of the equipment have been put forward. However, in reality, people only achieve qualitative maintenance in the daily maintenance process, without completely carrying out quantitative maintenance in accordance with the project content and requirements of maintenance, and even if they do, there is no corresponding maintenance record. Today small make up to introduce the specific situation of robot maintenance, let us know how to maintain the robot.


1. Daily maintenance

1. Check the appearance of the equipment for dust attachment

2. Wear and pressure loss of external cable, and whether the joints are fixed well or loose

3. Whether the cooling fan works normally

4. Whether the operation buttons are normal or not

5. Whether the robot moves normally


2, 3 months maintenance (including daily maintenance)

1. Whether the terminals are fixed well

2. Whether the base of the robot body is fixed well

3. Dust cleaning inside


Annual maintenance (including daily/three-month maintenance)

1. Check whether the joints of each base plate inside the control box are loose

2. Whether there are any abnormal conditions in internal lines (such as broken, no dust, contact points)

3. Check whether the wiring in the body is broken

4. Whether the battery voltage of the robot is normal (normally 3.6v)

5. Whether the brakes of robot motors of each shaft are normal or not

6.5 whether the belt light tightness of shaft is normal

7.4/5/6 shaft reducer oil for refueling robot

8. Whether the voltage of each device is normal


4, 3 years maintenance (including daily / 3 months / 1 year maintenance)

1.1/2/3 oil replacement for shaft reducer (professional oil for robot)

2. Replacement of robot battery (special battery for robot)


Daily maintenance for three months to take charge of maintenance, point inspection by users point inspection.

Annual maintenance and spot inspection shall be checked, adjusted, maintained or replaced by professionals.

The above introduction is the specific time and maintenance project of robot maintenance, I believe we have a certain understanding of industrial robot maintenance through the above introduction. Long time use can easily cause irreversible damage to the robot. Good maintenance can delay the aging of the robot and increase its service life.

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