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Sanxie robot inventory: long - term stock, second-hand and new can be ordered. Advantage to provide three association robot maintenance, installation, training, maintenance, transformation services, professional three association robot controller maintenance and recycling services.

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Changke automation, professional to provide customers with three co servo motor, three co servo driver and other automation solutions.


Three servo motors are widely used in the association have higher request for the precision requirement of mechanical equipment, such as printing equipment, machine tools, and CNC numerical control equipment, automatic assembly line and material clamping beating production, printing equipment, paper and surface treatment and airborne systems automatically packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment, robots, automated production line to process such as accuracy, efficiency and working reliability requirements are relatively high.

1. Characteristics of ac servomotor

(1) large starting torque;

(2) wide operation range;

(3) no rotation.

2. Comparison with stepper motor

(1) higher control accuracy;

(2) good low-frequency characteristics, even at low speed will not appear vibration phenomenon;

(3) the moment frequency characteristics are different, that is, the rated torque can be output within its rated speed (generally 2000r/min or 3000r/min), and the constant power output above the rated speed;

(4) strong speed overload and torque overload capacity, the torque is 2-3 times of the rated torque;

(5) the ac servo drive system is closed-loop control, and the driver can directly sample the feedback signals of the motor encoder.

(6) ac servo system has good acceleration performance. It only takes ms to accelerate from static to its rated speed of 3000r/min, which can be used in control situations requiring fast start and stop.

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