00-130-547kukac2 teaching device maintenance spare parts sales

Order number: 00-130-547

KUKA 00-130-547

Main business:

Main brand: ABB yaskawa fanuc KUKA KUKA kawasaki OTC

1. Maintenance and debugging of industrial robots

2. Sales and maintenance of spare parts for industrial robots

3. Professional maintenance of industrial robot control system (host, power supply, driver, teaching box, substrate).

4. Sales and recycling of old and new parts for industrial robots of ABB, yaskawa, kuka, fanuc and other brands.

5. Undertake sales and maintenance services of touch screen, industrial control machine and other industrial control products


KUKA 00-130-547

Changke automation robot maintenance experience, first-class technology, fast cycle, convenient testing, to customer satisfaction


Changke automation industrial control equipment maintenance service commitment:

Step 1: ask the user about device failure

Step 2: according to the user's fault description, identify the damaged devices and analyze the feasibility of repair and recovery

Step 3: open the repaired equipment, identify the damaged devices, and analyze the feasibility of repair and recovery

Step 4: according to the working position of the damaged device, read and analyze the working principle of the circuit to find out the reason of the damaged device

Step 5: contact with the customer, report the maintenance price, and ask for the user's opinion

Step 6: find the relevant device for replacement.


After repairing the fault, our company will guarantee it for three months. If there is any problem during the warranty period, our company will bear the cost (except man-made fault).

The company high maintenance efficiency, short cycle, reliable quality, reasonable charges, warranty three months

We will use exquisite technology, high quality service for your equipment upgrading, for your production escort, welcome to discuss special maintenance business.


Changke automation robots can maintain the following parts:

Robot welder maintenance

Yaskawa motoman robot welder maintenance

Emhart stud welder

NSW stud welder maintenance

OBARA small original welder maintenance

DENYO M&E welder maintenance

Fronius fornis welder maintenance

ABB robot maintenance

Yaskawa MOTOMAN robot maintenance

KUKA KUKA robot maintenance

Kuka demo | demo box maintenance

Kuka robot servo driver maintenance

KUKA robot circuit board maintenance

Kuka robot servo motor maintenance

Kuka power module maintenance

Kuka robot machine maintenance

Kuka robot parts sales/maintenance

IGM robot maintenance

IGM robot teaching tool maintenance

IGM robot driver maintenance

Maintenance of IGM robot servo motor

IGM robot maintenance

IGM robot parts maintenance/sales

FANUC FANUC robot maintenance

Fanaco teaching box repair

Fanuc servo motor maintenance

Fanuc robot circuit board maintenance

Maintenance of FANUC robot

Robot maintenance

Robot acquisition/recycling