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Changke automation is mainly responsible for kawasaki robot system integration design, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service (industrial robot maintenance, maintenance, repair, etc.), technical consulting and other related work. With the continuous development of China's economy and the rapid development of science and technology, the robot has been widely used in stacking, gluing, spot welding, arc welding, spraying, handling, measurement and other industries. Now the company has expanded the robot rental service from the platform of selling robots to solve the problem of insufficient human resources in the rising labor cost. Industrial robots are better able than human beings to cope with multiple production needs and harsh working conditions, thus making product quality more stable. It also more effectively solves the capital operation problem faced by enterprise equipment when it is updated and reduces the initial investment cost.

The inspection and maintenance of guangke intelligent robot are mainly divided into daily inspection, regular inspection of 5000 hours, 10000 hours, 15000 hours and overhaul.

Major objectives of any preventive maintenance spray robot program:

1; Ensure maximum utilization of spray system.

2; Can reduce spraying system downtime.

Spraying robots and paint systems are designed to operate in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance. However, routine inspections and preventive maintenance must be carried out regularly.

Preventive maintenance should not exceed recommended maintenance for equipment in good working condition. Wipe all surfaces clean before maintenance.

To prevent dust and other unnecessary contamination, clean the outside of the controls and controls before opening the cover.

Daily maintenance items of spraying robot:

1. Check the movement status of each axis cable, power cable and communication cable of the robot.

2: check the robot body, whether there is abnormal sound in each axis; Limit of each axis; Disconnect all power supply to the control cabinet.

3. Check the host board, storage board, calculation board and drive board of the robot: no sundries or dust in the cabinet of the robot control cabinet, check the tightness.

4: check whether the joint of control cabinet and manipulator is loose, whether the cable is loose or damaged.