Changke automation - robot maintenance experience


Maintenance projects

Teaching device, servo motor, driver, circuit board, manipulator, control cabinet, power supply, robot body...


Maintenance of the brand

ABB, KUKA KUKA, FANUC FANUC, Yaskawa yasakawa, Kawasaki Kawasaki, Panasonic, COMAU coma, STAUBLI STAUBLI...

Maintenance service process

1. The goods to be repaired shall be sent to the maintenance department of changke company

2. Free testing by professionals

Clear maintenance content, safe and reliable, will not damage the parts

3. Salesman quotation

4. Customer agrees to repair

5. Repair by maintenance personnel

6. Send back to you


If the customer does not agree to the overhaul, our company will not charge any fee, and the original copy will be sent back (the customer will bear the freight).

The fault can be solved within 1-2 working days for urgent parts and repaired within 3-5 working days for ordinary parts


Advantages of maintenance service

1. The engineer team has more than 8 years of maintenance experience, and is equipped with multiple import tester, test motor and various maintenance test bench;

2. Large inventory and brand suppliers; Storage of vulnerable accessories

3. Provide 3-6 months warranty period;

4. Provide free testing of products (no charge for repairing defective products);

5. Large and fragile maintenance products are delivered to your door, free on-site installation and testing, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

6. The surrounding areas of guangdong, sichuan, wuhan, hefei and other 24-hour emergency repair.